Aneri Pattani

Multimedia Journalist

Asian American Journalists Association VOICES Program

In 2015, I was one of 12 students picked nationally to participate in the Asian American Journalists Association VOICES program. The week-long newsroom program allows college students and recent graduates to function as multimedia journalists to cover the annual convention. At the San Francisco convention, I pitched, filmed and produced a news video package to accompany an article I had written about a traveling family circus. I also wrote a personal column comparing vegetarian and vegan food truck options in Boston and San Francisco. At the end of the week, I was named most versatile journalist in the program.

In 2016, I received the CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship from AAJA. The award allows students to attend the annual convention, this time in Las Vegas. That year I wrote about the lack of competition for officer positions in the organization.

Sardine Family Circus entertains scores in San Francisco

Forget balancing a checkbook. 

Orion Griffiths spends his days balancing atop a wooden board perched on a rolling cylinder. The 27-year-old street performer entertains scores of San Francisco spectators who look on in awe as he juggles clubs and stands on his hands, without falling 10 feet.

Most people would probably opt for the checkbook task, but Griffiths loves his job. He’s a member, along with his parents and adult siblings, of the Sardine Family Circus – named for a funny scene in which the Griffiths piled out of a packed RV.

This was the very first video story I filmed, edited and produced.

Vegan-friendly food more accessible in San Francisco, Boston-based columnist says

When I stepped onto Market Street, more than 3,000 miles from home, aromas reminiscent of my mother’s kitchen immediately greeted me. I inhaled the familiar scents of slightly sour, fermented dosa batter and spicy potato filling as I took in my first view of The City by the Bay.

Job that no one wants? AAJA president

When Yvonne Leow talks about the reasons why AAJA members should vote for her as president on Thursday at the national convention in Las Vegas, she doesn’t have to worry about losing the election. That’s because there’s no one running against her.