Aneri Pattani

Multimedia Journalist

Blast Magazine

From October 2013 to April 2014 - most of my freshman year in college - I worked for Blast Magazine, an online magazine based in Boston. I wrote stories in fields ranging from entertainment to cars and space, translating unfamiliar and often technical topics into easily understandable articles. I also adapted a more conversational and slightly wittier writing tone for the web. Posting my own stories on the website using WordPress gave me an understanding of search engine optimization. 

Is your WiFi killing your houseplants?


The lack of a green thumb may not be the only contributing factor to the early deaths of your houseplants. A recent experiment conducted by high school students in Denmark suggests that Wi-Fi routers may be damaging to plant life.

Boston Bombing Victim Engaged to Nurse from Site


You can’t plan the right time or the right place.  Sometimes, love just happens. This held true for James “Bim” Costello, who was a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. 

Top 10 Apps for New Tablet Users

The vast universe of apps can be overwhelming for first-time tablet users. Not to worry – here is a simple list of the top 10 apps for new tablet owners. They can all be found through the App Store for iPad, Google Play for Android devices, and Windows Store on Microsoft tablets.

Gaia Satellite to Chart 1 Billion Stars

A new satellite launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) on is set to survey the skies for answers to some of the most compelling questions about our galaxy. Gaia satellite is designed to watch one billion of the Milky Way’s estimated 100 billion stars. Its measurements of the stars’ distances and movements will have unprecedented precision.