Aneri Pattani

Multimedia Journalist

Homicide Watch

I worked as a multimedia reporter for the non-profit Homicide Watch in Boston from September 2015 to December 2015. Homicide Watch is a national media organization that aims to provide coverage of all murder cases in the city, even when the mainstream media does not. I wrote articles and produced videos for the site based on court proceedings, as well as Boston police efforts. I attended Suffolk County Superior Court trials weekly and researched court documents regularly.

South Boston murder victim's son testifies in Timothy Kostka trial


In Suffolk Superior Court Thursday, Richard Coyne recalled the last few interactions he had with his mother, Barbara Coyne, before the 67-year-old was murdered in her South Boston home in 2012.

Boston Police Peace Walks

This video received an honorable mention for General Assignment/Serious News at the New England College Emmy Awards in 2016.

After a night of gun violence left three people dead in August 2015, the Boston Police Department began a series of Peace Walks through city neighborhoods. Officers gathered with clergy and community leaders on dozens of nights to walk the streets of Boston.

I conducted interviews and helped to produce this video on Boston Police peace walks.