Aneri Pattani

Multimedia Journalist

The Huntington News

During my time at Northeastern University, I have pitched and written several stories for the independent student newspaper.

NUPD to deploy assault rifles in emergencies


In a new defense policy expected to launch in mid-December, theNortheastern University Police Department (NUPD) will deploy assault weapons in campus vehicles during emergency situations.

After receiving a tip, I broke this story in December 2015 about campus police arming officers with tactical rifles despite opposition from Boston police. I followed up with another article for The Boston Globe. The day after that was published, the story was picked up by ABC News and featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

"It's On Us" campaign targets campus sexual assault


Colleges across the nation are taking a red pen to their sexual assault policies, and in their revisions, placing new emphasis on bystanders as a powerful resource.

The White House’s launch of a new public awareness campaign “It’s On Us” reflects the recent focus on bystander intervention. Unveiled last Friday, the campaign aims to engage all members of campus communities in preventing sexual assault – a goal many colleges are already working toward.

Smiling may hinder outcome of interviews


A smile really can kill… at least your chances of getting a job, according to a recent study by two members of the Northeastern University department of psychology. In an educational environment that heavily pushes pre-professional work experience and students going on multiple co-op interviews, smiling too much during a job interview can actually harm an applicant’s chances of being hired, a recent study reveals.


Chocolate chip cookie celebrating 75 years in Mass.


A beloved American icon is celebrating its 75th birthday this year and it’s not an actor or a singer, but a celebrity of a different kind, one that is recognized in nearly every American household and beloved by children of all ages: the chocolate chip cookie.