Aneri Pattani

Multimedia Journalist


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Things I always carry with me: chapstick, tissues, my phone

Things I love: the excitement of starting a new book, wintergreen Tic Tacs, watching Gilmore Girls

Things I want to do: attend an Olympic event, learn to speak French, uncover compelling stories for an innovative and exciting media outlet

I am a journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston. My passion for journalism stems from a love of learning. I believe being a journalist is akin to being a student for life. Each day you get to explore a new topic, a new place and new people. You can meet experts in any field and ask them to explain complex subjects. You can talk to people on the street and learn their stories. In doing so, a journalist can bring about enlightenment, emotion and change. That is what I hope to do with my life.

While I aim to do investigative and data-based journalism in the future, I am currently trying to explore as many beats as possible - after all, you can best find stories to investigate by diving into a beat. So far, I have found that I enjoy the intimate storytelling aspect of features and the adrenaline rush of reporting crime and breaking news. I also love the intricacies of politics and getting to show the human side of public policies. I can't wait to broaden my skills by exploring even more topics in the future.


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